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Is there somewhere where you can get cheap targeted traffic? Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Traffic is not always cheap though, more so targeted traffic. Can you really make it on the internet if you have a low budget?

There are a lot of places that you can get cheap targeted traffic where you pay pennies per click of fractions of a penny for impressions. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to Google or Facebook in order to see results through targeted traffic.

In this article, I am going to talk about these traffic sources where you can not only get free but targeted traffic. If you have been around the internet streets for long enough, you will realize that not all traffic is created equal.

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How to Get Cheap Targeted Traffic – Not All Traffic Sources Are Created Equal

There are good traffic sources and bad traffic sources. I had a bad experience on Fiverr a number of years ago when I bought a gig where they promised to send 10,000 hits to my website. They actually over-delivered and sent me 15,000 visitors.

When I checked my Google analytics though, I discovered that most of the traffic was just bots and they added about 4 sign-ups to my offer just to make it look legit. It was one of the lessons that I learned in driving traffic and a lesson that I kept for a very long time afterward.

I later tried Google and Facebook Ads with better success. Both platforms are great for targeting but the competition on these platforms has pushed ad costs up over the years. Because of the complexity of these platforms, you will usually lose money before you figure out how to make money on them.

There are so many moving parts involved especially when you get into eCommerce. You’ll need to figure out tracking scripts and pixels and all the other bells and whistles. Sometimes you just a need simple solution that delivers results.

The following are traffic sources that offer both cheap and targeted traffic. They offer traffic at dirt-cheap prices and your traffic is also targeted for the large part.

A disclaimer here is that they don’t have the vast amounts of user data that allows for the laser targeting that sets Facebook and Google apart from the rest but you will get good results if you get great converting offers.

Places to Buy Cheap Targeted Traffic

1. AdFly

After my bad experience with Fiverr traffic, I came across a YouTube video where Adfly was being talked about as a low-cost source of geo-targeted traffic. It had a CPM (Cost per 1000 views) of $5.

Overall, my results with AdFly were much better and I was able to make a small return on investment on my ads. If you are trying to figure out which ad network to go with, I highly recommend that you give this a shot.

2. Turbo Website Traffic

This company offers real visitors to your site for as low as $0.01 per visitor. Though I’ve personally never used it, I put it on this list because it has received a lot of rave reviews from users online. It’s worth checking out.

3. Adblade

Next up is Adblade. This is another platform that offers dirt cheap traffic to your website. The platform is for both advertisers and publishers. If you have a blog or website, they work just in the same way as Google by offering you an opportunity to run ads on your site.

4. Buysell Ads

As the name suggests, Buysell Ads is a platform where you can advertise ads or register as a publisher and earn money from your website. Just like all other platforms listed here, you can get very low cost per click rates on this platform.

5. Clicksor

Clicksor is a contextual ad platform like Google platform which works in more or less the same way but priced much cheaper. You can register with them as a publisher as well and make some money through your website.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat lost a lot of big advertisers when Instagram launched Insta Stories and Facebook lanched stories function as well do directly rival Snapchat’s feature. This meant that competition on the platform dropped significantly meaning that Costs per click fell dramatically.
If you are targeting millennials, this is the platform for you.

7. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is a platform that has been around for a long time and if your niche is Internet Marketing and you are targeting newbies then this is worth a shot. They have a service called Warrior Special Offers (WSO) which you can use to sell products or build an email list.

8. BidVertiser

Bidvertiser is another great program where you can get really cheap traffic and they also give you $20 free credit to start. Like some other options in this post, they also offer contextual advertising for publishers giving them a way in which they can earn money.

For free $20 Bidvest credit with your first ad, check out the link below:

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Google, Facebook, Instagram, and to a smaller extent Bing are all great sources of targeted traffic but the challenge is that everyone is using these platforms to drive traffic. As you have seen in this article, there are many other alternatives for you to explore.

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