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9 More Ways to Promote Clickbank Products Without Any Investment

9 More Ways to Promote Clickbank Products Without Any Investment

This article is a follow up to another article that I did titled 10 ways to Promote Clickbank Products Without Any Investment. You can check that for 10 other ways that you can use to promote Clickbank products without spending any money.

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate networks out there and many would-be affiliate marketers start off here before moving on to other networks. Once they join the affiliate network, the challenge usually arises when it’s time to promote the products. This article will show you free ways to promote Clickbank products.

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The bulk of the people who are looking for opportunities to make money online are actually struggling and don’t have money to invest in promoting their offers. This was me for the longest time when I started my internet marketing journey and I understand the motivation for looking for free promotional methods.

In this article, I hope to stir up an idea or two in you that will help you on your promotional journey. Not all these methods will be for you but one or two might resonate with you and hopefully bring you boatloads of traffic to your offers.

You may initially experiment with the bulk of these methods or even all of them. The idea is to pick just one or two to start with. The reason I say one or two is because you don’t want to dilute your efforts.

So, without further ado, let’s look into these methods that will help drive traffic to your offers.

How to Promote Clickbank Products for Free Online

…Social Media Sites Continued

  1. Twitter

First up we have Twitter. I remember many years ago when I was still starting out in blogging. I reached out to a popular motivational figure in my nation who was, at the time, running a blog and asked him how I could better promote my blog locally.

I am from a beautiful nation in Southern Africa called Zimbabwe and at the time I started my blog, not a lot of people were doing it. I was somewhat of a pioneer in this field and the gentleman I reached out to was one of the few people who were actually blogging in my nation.

I had been using Facebook up to this point, which was still an excellent way to get blog traffic and not what it is now but wanted to diversify and get more targeted traffic. When I asked him how I could promote my blog content, he recommended Twitter.

To be honest with you, I really didn’t think that Twitter was that good of a traffic source, especially for my demographic so, to be honest, I didn’t act on it. It was only a couple of years later when the blogging community in my nation had grown a bit, that I tried it out.

One of the new bloggers in Zimbabwe had started a small blogging community through a WhatsApp group where we shared ideas on blogging. That’s when I learned of some free Twitter automation tools through one of the community members.

It was at this point that I realised that I had been sitting on a gold mine all along. My blog traffic skyrocketed and I kicked myself for not getting on board sooner.

There are many tools out there including Tweepi (for growing your audience) and TwitterFall (a keyword tool which shows you all the appearances of a specific keyword in real-time).

Using these two tools, you can grow your community of followers by targeting specific interests as well as get into conversations on Twitter in real-time and position yourself to make a recommendation.

The Twitter landscape, much like Facebook, has changed significantly over the years and traffic levels from these platforms has dropped. It, however, is worth pursuing as you can relatively easily get targeted traffic with the right amount of effort.

  1. LinkedInlinkedin

LinkedIn is a good way of driving traffic for content that would interest professionals in different fields of employment and entrepreneurship. I have used LinkedIn by implementing Education-Based Marketing then making recommendations through my content.

LinkedIn gives you a platform where you can write engaging articles under your profile. Think of it as having a mini-blog on a big marketplace. LinkedIn gives you a platform on which you can reach your potential audience using their content search engine.

As people search for content using specific keywords, your content has the potential of appearing within the search results. The idea is to provide value upfront then make a recommendation within the post.

When you provide great value upfront, you build trust and authority which are key to people taking up your recommendations. When people know, like and trust you, you have won about 80% of the battle.

Question & Answer Sites

  1. Quora

Not only is Quora a great place to get traffic, it is also a good place to do content research for any stuff you want to write about. It gives you a great idea of what people are actually looking for thereby giving you the right ammunition for relevant content.

On Quora, search for questions related to your affiliate offers then offer great, well thought out responses. It is important to note that you should never, at any point or with any of the methods discussed in this post, spam.

Spamming is the quickest way to lose credibility in the eyes of the users of these platforms.

  1. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers, just like Quora, is a platform mainly geared towards answering specific questions that users post. It’s a gold mine if you are creating content of any kind because it gives you a great idea of what people out there are actually looking for.

The method for Yahoo Answers is somewhat similar to that of Quora as the platforms are relatively similar in principle. You just need to make sure that you are offering great value so that you better position yourself to make a recommendation.

Forum Marketing

15.Warrior Forum

warrior forumWhen it comes to Internet Marketing, Warrior Forum is, by far the best known, and arguably the best community on the Internet. They have also been around for over 30 years (Since 1997) and continually adapts to the times to remain relevant in the ever-changing IM landscape.

You get a good mix of experienced and novice internet marketers on this platform and is a great place to bounce off some ideas before promoting a product to the mainstream market. The easiest way to promote on forums, which has been around for a long time, is through your user signature.

You are allowed to type out a motivational or promotional message that links to a site of your choice, in the footer or signature section. This signature section then appears every time you post or comment.

The idea then is to comment as much as possible, offering relevant and useful information all the while building trust. When you give great value consistently, people will see your signature post and a percentage will click through to your offers.

Forum marketing works in generally the same way so I will just list other forums that you can take advantage of.

  1. Digital Point Forum
    digital point forum
  2. Etsy Forums
    etsy forum
  3. Free Ebooks

This promotional method has been around for quite some time and, I believe, is still relevant in the present day and age. I will detail how you can use this to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

The first thing you need to do is research specific pain points that your affiliate product solves by visiting forums, social media groups and other places where people talk about these pain points.

Compile a list of about 3-5 of these pain points. Next up, write a small e-book of anywhere between 5 and 20 pages where you solve these pain points for people. Take note that you don’t want to solve everything but just a small portion of the fuller problem.

Help them enough for them to trust you enough when you then recommend a fuller solution AKA your affiliate offer.

When you type out the e-book, convert it to pdf then upload to your drop box account or Google Drive.

Now hit the Answer sites, forums, social media and other places mentioned here. As you offer solutions to people’s problems, give them a link to your free e-book. As they read your book, you are building authority with them and they view you as an expert in the field who they are more inclined to listen to their product recommendations.

  1. Reddit

redditReddit has been around since 2005 and has over 50 million unique visitors each and every month. That’s a huge community of users and if used right, can be a great source of traffic. Many bloggers and affiliate traffic promoters have used it as a great source of traffic.

Reddit is not your usual social media platform though. Some people have described it as a culture of its own and the community of users have been known to be brutal, especially if you spam the platform.

Just like the advice I gave on good conduct on forums, you need to participate first on others’ posts before even thinking of submitting your own posts on the platform.

So, these are the 9 extra ways to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate offers. As always, I would love to hear your comments and contributions in the comments section below.

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