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Hello there!

I’m Greens Zambasa, founder of Income Freedom Influencer. I’ve been involved in online marketing from as early back as 2004 when I came across my first internet marketing ad, an account of a former gas station attendant who was now making $70,000 per month.

I was working at an ok job at the time but I definitely wanted more money. That ad started me on a journey leading to many trials and errors and this blog is the culmination of all those experiences. It is centered around teaching people how they can take hold of their financial destiny and live life on their own terms by teaching them to start and grow an online business. I believe that we all deserve a chance to choose our own financial destiny. We all deserve a life where we get to spend time doing the things that really matter with the people we love.

 I cover the following topics:

Most of what I write is based on my personal experience and some is based on extensive research but I strive to give you the best information available always. I want you to succeed because I know how it feels to have that burning desire to experience more out of life and to offer our loved ones the best that life has to offer.

To get a head start on your internet marketing journey, check out my resources page where I list all my best tools or internet marketing success.