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Adfly Traffic Generator – How to Drive Cheap Targeted Traffic

If you have been in the Internet Marketing space for long enough, you may or may not have heard of the Adfly traffic generator. If you haven’t then you are in luck. This article will help you. We will explain what Adfly is and how you can take advantage of this traffic source.

Adfly traffic generator is a link shortening service which, unlike other services, actually pays you to use it. The basic premise on which it operates is you use it to shorten a URL then you place the shortened URL on an online property that you control and when someone clicks on it, you get paid.

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How Adfly Works

The Adfly link shortening service belongs to a family of ad networks known as interstitial ad services. The word interstitial means the space between and this is how it relates to advertising online. When you click a link on the internet, it generally takes you from website A straight to website B.

What Adfly and similar services do is they put an ad in between website A and website B. this ad shows for a few seconds before it allows you to move on to the website you wanted to see in the first place. It’s kind of like how YouTube does it with ads in the beginning or middle of a video.

The AdFly network makes its money from advertisers who pay to get their website shown on the platform and then Adfly pays a certain percentage of that revenue to people who share links on their web properties.

In other words, they operate more or less like most of the ad services out there. You can make money both by sharing links and through advertising your own websites on the platform. We will dig a little deeper into this and establish whether this is all worth your while.

How to Make Money Sharing AdFly Links

I’ve already explained pretty much how Adfly works. You take a URL, shorten it using the AdFly service then share that link on platforms that you control or that allow you to share the links. When someone clicks on that link, you get anywhere between $2 and $9 or every 1000 views you generate.


Traffic from Asia and Africa though will generate significantly less than what you will get from what are generally referred to as tier 1 and tier 2 countries. The tier system reflects the commercial value of the traffic from that country.

Countries like the USA, Canada, The UK and Australia make up tier 1 countries. These are where people who can pay online for products and services and generally have the money to spend reside. Advertisers place higher value on these so the cost per view for a visitor from this country will be generally more than in other parts of the world.

The amount of money you get paid, therefore, depends on where the traffic you are driving is coming from. Traffic from the USA pays the highest. A few years ago, you could make easy money by sharing links on platforms like Facebook but recently Facebook started blocking any AdFly links due to the large amount of shortened URLs that were being posted on the platform and they now generally consider it as spam.

YouTube still does allow you to post them and I will show you a method that you can use to make money on the YouTube platform further down in this article.

So generally speaking, you need to get a reasonably large amount of clicks in order for you to generate anything close to some decent income using AdFly. You could do this by yourself through sharing to different places online or you can use services which exchange clicks.

Services like Clickers Network are communities where you click on other people’s ads in exchange for clicks to yours. If you have the time for it, then this is definitely something worth looking into.  It can definitely allow you to get the thousands of views per day necessary to earn at least $10 a day.

In essence, the more times you click on other people’s ads, the more link click credits that you get to generate and each credit is worth a visitor to your links. It’s generally a way for people to help each other earn. Unfortunately, these kinds of services bring the traffic quality generated from AdFly down because the clickers have no commercial intent. They are just looking to earn but not necessarily to make a purchase or complete an action.

How to Make Money as an Advertiser on AdFly

As an advertiser, you can use AdFly to drive traffic to your offers. The platform is pretty simple when compared to services like Facebook and Google. Where the latter two services have a complex bidding system for ads and better targeting, AdFly on the other hand offers pretty generic country targeting.

The amount you pay depends on which country you want your ad to be shown in. You pay a flat fee for every 1000 views from a specific country. Depending on your intended outcome, AdFly can be the right or wrong option for you.

Not every type of site works well with this platform and I will share my personal experiences at the end of this article but here is a shortlist of the types of sites that work well with AdFly.

The Types of Websites that Work Best on AdFly

Free Offers

First up are free offers. These can be free downloads of software, audio, free video tutorials, PDFs etc. If you are not selling something outright but giving something away for free, you stand a great chance of generating a good response from the market.

CPA Offers

CPA offers are where you get paid when a website visitor completes an action. This can be downloading a file, filling out a form, watching a video or any other action the advertiser specifies. You get paid a certain amount each time that action is completed.

You will need to check if the advertiser allows you to use such a service as you won’t get paid if they don’t. Most CPA offers will clearly state which types o traffic they accept.

List Building

This kind of ties in with Free Offers but I feel it deserved its own mention. If you are building a list, this is possibly a traffic method that you could consider pursuing. You just need to make sure that your lead magnet is really compelling.

Remember that the viewer only gets to see your ad for a very few seconds so you need to maximise on the opportunity. If you get this part right, it can be a good source of traffic or your list. I have been on click exchange networks where I was simply there for the clicks but ended up signing up to some offers because they were really compelling.

AdFly Bot

I want to briefly talk about AdFly bots for now. I normally wouldn’t talk about this in my articles as this is an unethical way to earn money on AdFly but I am going to mention it because I discovered that it’s one of the most searched terms as I was doing research for this article.

Adfly bot
Example of a AdFly Bot

I am writing about it to discourage you from it I this was something you were thinking about. If you don’t know what a Bot is, the name comes from robot and in online terms, it is a piece of software that operates a specified task usually a repetitive one.

In our case, the AdFly Bot generates clicks to your links on auto-pilot. What this means is that the clicks being generated are not human but you are just trying to game the system so it looks like people are actually clicking your link so you get paid.

It is highly unethical and you will get banned once you get caught. I have had experiences where I bought “traffic generation” gigs on Fiverr where I was promised website visitors only to discover that the “visitors” were actually bots which did not do anything for me at all.

I was promoting a lead capture page for list building purposes and the gig sellers gave me a few fake sign-ups  to make their service look legit but it was pretty clear after I looked into it that it was all done by bots.

My Personal Experience with AdFly Network

I’ve shared a bit about my personal experience with AdFly as a traffic generator and what I can say is that it was a mixed bag. It worked for some offers and not so well for others but the results that I did get were not really out of this world.

I’ll also admit that at the time I tested it out, I didn’t have a sizable budget hence I hadn’t really gotten the best sample test to establish its effectiveness. That being said, I think it’s worth giving it a shot if you are promoting an offer that falls within the categories I’ve mentioned above.

What are your experiences with the AdFly traffic generator? I would love to hear about them in the comments section below.


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