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affiliate programs that don't require website

Top 21 Affiliate Programs That Don’t Require a Website

In this article, I will talk about the top 21 affiliate programs that don’t require a website. Affiliate Marketing has been a popular way of earning money online for over 2 decades now. I am going to cover affiliate programs that don’t require a website for you to work with them. This is for those of you who for one reason or the other, just want to get started without necessarily having to set up your own website.

There are a lot of affiliate programs that don’t require a website. Here is a list of 21 different programs that you can join and start earning money as an affiliate right off the bat. A few of the programs mentioned here will need some form of web presence like a Facebook group or YouTube channel but the majority do not have these requirements.

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Here is my list of 21 affiliate programs that don’t need a website.

  1. Amazon Associates

This is one of, if not the most known affiliate program on the internet. Amazon Associates pays you around 4% commission when any of your referrals buys anything off Amazon. This will be 4% of their total order while they are still on the site.

As an example, if you refer a book and someone clicks through your link to purchase and then decides to add another product while they are there, you earn on that product too. This is how your order value can increase significantly without any extra effort on your part.

Click Here to join the Amazon Associates Program.

  1. Call Hippo

Call Hippo is an intelligent virtual phone system that helps organisations monitor and manage their calls. It includes features such as Smart call forwarding, Call Recording, Voice Mail, On Hold Music, Call Conferencing, Call Distribution, Welcome Music and Message, Voice Greeting, Interactive Voice Response, Call Queuing and call analytics.

It also gives organisations the ability to set up virtual phone numbers, online phone numbers, local phone numbers for over 50 countries and toll-free numbers.

If this is something that you feel you can promote, you can Click Here to join Call Hippo Affiliate program

My Banner
  1. SE Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of any website’s search engine visibility. SE ranking is a website audit tool that helps you assess how your website is doing in the search engines as well as how to remedy any problem areas.

The suite of tools include Keyword rank tracker, Website Audit, On-Page Checker, Backlink Checker, Backlink Monitoring, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Grouping, Pages Changes Monitoring as well as a Marketing Plan.

If this is a program that you would want to recommend, Click Here to join the SE Ranking Affiliate program

  1. Design Hill

Design Hill is a place where you can get the perfect design for your logo, banner, website and more. The major difference between Design Hill and other design websites out there is that this a crowdsourcing platform.

What this means is that you get the chance to get samples from dozens or even hundreds of designers from around the world without the need for a huge budget. All you do is create a contest specifying what you need done then designers from all over the world will submit their samples.

Simply go through the designs and pick the one you want. Once you do, the designer sends you the source files and they get paid.

Click here to register as an affiliate with Design Hill

  1. Wide Markets

Wide Markets is an advertising platform that was created to give small advertisers the widest reach possible. They do this by collaborating with other publishers from different platforms including radio apps, TV apps and VR apps.

This gives the advertiser a broader platform through which they can connect with their audience. If you want to join the Wide Markets Affiliate program, Click Here

  1. Evernote

As far as organisation tools go, Evernote is stamping an ever-strengthening foothold on this market. Evernote is a suite of tools that help individuals and teams stay organised and improve efficiency.

Evernote can also be integrated with apps like Gmail, Outlook Mail, Google Drive, Salesforce, Slack and Microsoft teams.

Click Here to sign up as an Evernote Affiliate.

  1. Payoneer

In my experience, Payoneer has been one of the easier affiliate programs to promote. They pay you $25 for every person that you refer. The reason it is so easy to promote is because you will be giving away a Free MasterCard which comes along with United States Bank account.

This is the only company that I know of that is offering this combination of benefits. If you want to try this out and start earning $25 per referral, Click Here

  1. eBay Network

eBay is, in my books, the best-known auction site out there. It has been around since 3 September, 1995 and is still going strong 25 years later. It has since evolved in that time into the organisation it is today.

You earn money when you drive traffic to them that converts to a winning Buy Now purchase or a winning bid. Commissions range from 40% to 80% which is really good.

Click Here to join their affiliate program.

  1. DropshipMe

DropshipMe was created to help drop shippers quickly source items to sell on Aliexpress and thereby helping them focus more on the things that help them make money in their stores.  They do this by offering a product import package or through offering a turn-key custom store for those starting out so that they are up and running in no time. They pay 50% and 30% respectively when your referral makes a purchase.

To join their affiliate program, Click Here

  1. RiteTag

Ritetag is a suggestion tool that helps you get the right hash tags on Twitter. It will give you different suggestions for every hashtag you use so that your tweets get to the right people.

Click Here to join their Affiliate program.

  1. Crazy Call

Crazy Call is telephony solution for businesses which is cloud based. It utilises software that is part of a CRM. It comes with the ability to generate reports as well as to automate cold calls.

To join their affiliate program Click Here.

  1. Convert Commissions

If you are on the lookout for an affiliate program that does not need a website, how about one that provides one for you? Well, this is what Convert Commission offers you. They give you the lead magnet, landing page and the sales page.

All you need to do is promote their program. When you join, you will get a lead magnet, lead capture page, Thank You/Sales Page and an email autoresponder complete with a follow up email series.

If this program sounds appealing, you can join Here.

  1. SFI

SFI has been around for the longest time and comes loaded with a suite of amazing products. This company has built up an impressive array of over 100 000 affiliate products and once you join, you are able to start promoting products in different niches.

They also give you free training and a wide range of promotional tools and strategies to increase the chances of your success. I highly recommend that you check them out.

To join the SFI program Click Here.

  1. Unlock Spector

Unlock Spector is an iPhone unlocking service which can remove SIM-Lock, remove blacklist status and remove iCloud lock. They pay you $5 for IMEI check that you send to them through your affiliate link.

They will payout into your PayPal, Payoneer or European bank account.  If you want to become an Unlock Spector affiliate, Click Here.


  1. Live Chat

Live chat is a customer service chat app that aids organisations in providing quick and efficient interaction with their website visitors. It has seamless integration with over 130 tools making it an industry leader.

To join the Live Chat Affiliate program, Click Here.

  1. Salesflare

Salesflare is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which greatly streamlines an organisation’s interactions with their customers at the same time offering a wide array of integrations making it a must-have for any organization looking to greatly streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

Their affiliate program pays you 40% commission and they offer a very easy application process which takes just one minute.

Click Here to join the Salesflare Affiliate program.

  1. Template Monster

Template Monster is a website offering one of the web’s biggest collection of website templates. They offer a wide variety of WordPress themes, eCommerce templates and a host of others giving you a wide variety to choose from.

They offer 30% of every first purchase and then 10% of any other subsequent purchases by your referral. If you feel you can promote website templates on Template Monster, Click Here

  1. Serpstat

Serpstat is a software platform used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Besides analysing your own website to improve performance in the search engines, it also allows you to “spy” on your competitors showing you how they have managed to get to where they are in the search engines.

It is powerful enough to do analysis for 100 websites at the same time.

If you want to promote Serpstat as an affiliate, Click Here

  1. SFM (Six Figure Mentors)

Six-Figure Mentors is a membership program that teaches people anyone how to make money online whether it is your own product or as an affiliate. They provide sales pages, sales funnels and other tools to help you on your way to success in Internet Marketing.

If you would like to promote SFM, Click Here

  1. AliExpress App

AliExpress is a well-known online store which offers products from Chinese manufacturers. They offer an Android App where you can register as their affiliate and earn a commission for every purchase made through the links you share.

Click Here to download the AliExpress app.

  1. Just Forex

Just Forex is a forex trading platform through which people can earn money by trading forex online. They have an affiliate program which offers a handsome commission for every person who signs up and starts trading on their platform.

You can register to become an affiliate Here

That’s it for this post. I have given you 21 affiliate programs that don’t require a website. The ball is now in your court. Take action and start right away. Your biggest excuse has just been removed 😊.

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2. Learn how to make your first $10,000 online with Six Figure Mentor (Free Webinar)

3. Earn $25 for every person you refer plus a FREE MasterCard and US Bank Account. Check out Payoneer

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5. Drive massive amounts of traffic for free with Tailwind

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  1. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this motivational and inspirational post. As a newbie, I have a headstart and will progress to blogs and websites at a later stage when I am well grounded.

    Many Thanks

  2. Thanks Greens for such a helpful list. It is always good to have somewhere to start from.

    Ndodana Sibanda

    1. Hello No Thanks. If you read my second paragraph you will see where I clearly state that some of these require that you have some form of web presence like a Facebook page or YouTube channel. In this case, Amazon accepts a YouTube channel. Thanks for your feedback :)

  3. Thank you for the very informative post. Is Tailwind free or does it have a monthly subscription?

    1. Hi Debbie. Thanks for your feedback. Tailwind gives you a full featured trail where you can schedule 100 Pinterest pins and 50 Instagram posts. After that it’s only $9.99 per month for unlimited posts.

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