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best way to promote clickbank products without a website

Best Way to Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website

Wondering what the best way to promote ClickBank products without a website is? Well, wonder no further. This article will answer all your questions……well, most of them.

I will attempt to do my best in giving the best answer I can on this subject.

So, what is the best way to promote ClickBank products without a website? I don’t believe there is a one size fits all answers to this but in this article, I will share what I believe to be the best way to get the job done.

The most popular article on this blog by far is this one:

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What this has taught me is that, for one reason or the other, people are looking for a way to get started in affiliate marketing without the need for a website.

This may be due to a lack of technical web design skills, lack of income to build one or just pure laziness, lol.

Whatever the reason may be for you, I will do my best to get you the right answers in this article so, buckle up, we are about to go for a ride.

The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Setup

Let me kick things off by showcasing what the “perfect” affiliate marketing setup looks like. I will talk about the best approach more in-depth in the next section, but for now, I want to show you what the ideal structure of a successful affiliate marketing business looks like.

Long Term vs Short Term Approach

When you are setting up your affiliate marketing business (yes I called it a business) you need a few things in order to be successful.

The first thing you need is the right mindset when it comes to your approach. The best mindset you need to have is one of building a business and not just to make a quick buck.

You need to have a long term approach of seeing this as a business opportunity and not a make money quick initiative.

The internet is awash with many wannabe affiliate marketers and if you want to make a significant or any income, you will need to have a well-crafted system that will help you meet that objective.

Ideally, you need to have a website. Before you start stoning me because I promised you ways to do affiliate marketing without a website, I believe you still need to be well informed so that you manage your expectations.

The setup I am going to be explaining is one where you need the bare minimum as far as a website is concerned and can be done in an afternoon if you are committed enough.

All you need is a 2 page, and in some cases just one-page website with a landing page to capture emails. If there is one thing that I can never emphasise enough, it is the power of an email list.

This is one of the things that I wish I would have done much earlier on in my internet marketing journey. I encourage you to get started as early as possible.

Setting up a Sales Funnel

I am now going to walk you through setting up a simple 1 to 2-page website with an email marketing series that you can use to make money through offering affiliate offers.

Why I am emphasising on this is due to the fact that I have discovered that most people are not going to buy a product after just one exposure. As a matter of fact, marketing experts teach that it takes an average of 7 exposures before someone makes a buying decision.

Anyone telling you that you can easily make lots of money by simply sharing affiliate links all over the internet isn’t being 100% honest. Don’t get me wrong, you can still make some money but this would mainly be through offering CPA products where you get paid per lead for example.

Most CPA offers will pay like $1 or $2 per lead and in most instances, you won’t need to pre-sell your prospect much.

If, though, you want to make significant money through your referrals, you will want to have things set up such that you have an opportunity to build trust through a series of emails.

The approach that I usually implement is an education-based marketing approach. As the name implies, you will be marketing to your prospect by educating them.

This establishes you as an authority on a subject thereby placing you in a good position to make recommendations. This approach allows you the time to have multiple interactions with them and thereby build trust.

I am sure that you are seeing the merits of this approach as opposed to having a one-hit approach.

I’m sure you are rolling your eyes by now, shaking your fist at me and shouting “I thought this was going to show me a FREE way of doing affiliate marketing!!!” Patience my friend. We are going to get to that.

Before we do though, I want you to get a better understanding of how this all works.

Lead Capture System

First of all, you need a way to capture your prospect’s email address so you can market to them. As stated earlier, it takes multiple interactions before someone can start trusting you enough and buy from your affiliate link.

Here’s how you set up everything:

Lead Capture Page

A lead capture or squeeze page is a web page that is designed to capture customer information through a form. When someone enters their email, we set things up in such a way that when they enter their details, an email series is triggered and is delivered over 7 days or more.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something that you offer to a prospect in exchange for their contact details. It can be an email course like I do, an ebook, video or audio. Whatever it has to be something that is compelling to your targeted prospect.

One of the biggest purposes of a lead magnet is to filter out the wrong prospect or tire kickers and get the right kind of prospect for your affiliate offers.

Email Sequence

An email sequence is a series of emails which are delivered as soon as a prospect enters their email address. You will be able to market to them as long as they are subscribed to your list.

This is where you will have the opportunity to develop a relationship and, ultimately, trust between you and your prospect. People buy things from people they know like and trust. Remember this.

I’ve hosted seminars on social media many times and the one thing I drive into people regarding how social media works is that they should completely forget about the technology aspect of it and realise that it all boils down to relationships.

Email marketing, just like social media, is about developing relationships. If you get this part figured out then everything else will be used in the right way which is to develop strong relationships with your prospects.

Ideally, you want a scenario where your list of subscribers is growing month by month and, by extension, your income.

You want to have an automated series of emails going out and I usually do a minimum of 7 emails where I will be delivering high-quality content to my subscribers and put in an affiliate offer every third email.

Over time I will also do broadcasts where I promote affiliate offers. I then add these to the automated email sequence and, over time, my email sequence grows. You can have automated emails that deliver for weeks, months or even years all earning you passive income.

Affiliate Offers (multiple)

When starting out, look for at least 3 affiliate offers that you can promote. I talk about how to pick out an affiliate offer that will convert well in my article below.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

As your list grows, look for other offers to promote to them.

Now that we’ve gotten a basic understanding of the benefits of setting up a well-structured funnel instead of posting random links all over the internet hoping for a sale, let’s look at how we can set up this marketing funnel for free.

How to Set Up a Marketing Funnel For Free

You’ve waited patiently for this moment and now it has finally arrived! I will show you the best method that I believe is available right now.

You can set up an automated email funnel using Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is an autoresponder service which gives you a free account where you can set up an automated funnel for a subscriber list of up to 2000 people all for free.

This is enough for you to start seeing some results and when your list grows and you are making money, you can easily upgrade to the paid option.

This free platform also gives you the ability to set up a lead capture page that you can use to capture emails. All you need is a lead magnet and you are good to go.

Where to Get a Lead Magnet

Where can I get a lead magnet you ask? Well, there are a number of ways that you can do this. You can create one yourself if you are in a niche you have a passion for or can take the time to research.

The other alternative is to look for some Public Label Rights offers which you can repurpose into your own. A Public Label Rights or PLR product is a product that someone else has created and you can get and use as you want.

Most PLR products are for sale but you can get free PLR products here and here.

You will then need to rebrand the products or just use as is to give your customers a good reason to give you their email address.

Once you have your lead magnet in place, upload it to cloud hosting like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Next up, you need to log in to your Mailchimp account and go to the Campaigns tab and select landing pages. Here you can create a landing page promoting your lead magnet.

In Mailchimp, set up your Dropbox or Google drive URL as the page that your prospect is taken to once they have entered their email address.

Start promoting this lead capture page to grow your list. Which leads us to our next section:

How to Promote ClickBank Products Without a Website and With Free Traffic

There are a number of platforms online which you can use to promote your lead capture page and I will walk you through some of these here.


I’ll be the first to admit that they have fallen a long way from their glory days and are not as good a traffic source as they used to be. You still can glean some traffic from them if you are consistent enough.


I have raved a lot about Pinterest and how it has become one of the leading sources of traffic on the internet. A lot of people view them as a Social media platform but they are actually a search engine.

They have also made a significant number of changes to their algorithm and it’s not as easy to get traffic through search as it was years ago but there is a way of getting great amounts of traffic through the power of networking.

This method is Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind is definitely a great way of driving Pinterest traffic to your landing page. Get Tailwind and start driving traffic to your site.


Another great way of getting traffic, especially in really competitive niches is YouTube. A lot of people are not comfortable with getting in front of the camera so this presents a great opportunity for you if you are willing to put in the work of creating content regularly.

You don’t necessarily need to get in front of the camera if that’s not your thing. You can create a PowerPoint presentation and use screen capture software to record a voice-over as you go through the PowerPoint presentation.

When you create video content, you want to answer questions that people are already asking in your target niche. If you go on YouTube and type “how to promote Clickbank products” for example, YouTube will auto-generate some search suggestions.

These are actually searches that people are doing on YouTube. Click on any of the results and try to reverse engineer the number one video on the search results page.

Do this consistently enough and you will see traffic flowing to your lead capture page.

As always, I would love to hear your comments in the comments section below.


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