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Brand Blogging Definition

Brand Blogging Definition – What Exactly is Brand Blogging?

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Brand blogging is a relatively new term that is gradually grabbing the attention of the market. With the growth and consistency of blogging over the past 2 decades, forward-thinking brands have embraced blogging as a way to promote their brand and increase sales.

Brand blogging can be defined as the use of blogging to promote a brand and make sales. It is common to use an education-based marketing approach or addressing specific needs in the marketplace that your brand is specifically designed to solve.

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Definition of Blogs

Brand Blogging DefinitionTo start things off, we need to, first of all, establish what a blog is in the first place. Blogs started as online logs or diaries which were mostly used as places where people recorded their personal logs. The word blog is actually short weblog.

From these humble beginnings, blogs have since grown into powerful marketing tools that a lot of individuals and brands have used to grow personal and business fortunes. If you are a brand in this present day and age, there is no reason whatsoever that you should not have a blog.

It is a great way to create content once that can serve you for years to come. A single blog post has been known to bring in leads and revenue for 5 years or more. Take a moment and think about that for a while.

You have at your disposal a tool that you can use to grow your brand. Why wouldn’t you use it?

The Power of Blogging

At the inception of the internet, you mainly had static websites on which content creators put information for the public to consume. It was basically I one-way road where the consumer could not really interact with the originators of the content in any meaningful way in real-time.

Blogs came along and changed all this. They provided an avenue through which the consumer could give direct feedback to brands. They were the precursor to what we know as social media today. The feedback cycle was drastically shortened. Brands could know what the market though all in real-time.

This meant that they were able to better respond to the needs of the market. Add the fact that search engines like Google fell and are still in love with blogs and you will see that there is a greater opportunity to reach markets which they were previously unable to access.

To really see how powerful blogging has become, consider publications like the Huffington Post which have been reported to make $14 000 000 per month then you will really see the power of a blog.

Brand Blogging – How to Grow Your Brand Through Blogging

So, what exactly does it mean to brand through your blog? When we talk about branding, we are talking about building a persona. Big brands have gotten big because they invested millions and billions into building them.

When someone thinks about a soda, Coca-cola and Pepsi cola immediately come to mind. When it comes to toothpaste, Colgate is the one that comes to mind. Talk about search engines and Google is the first name on that list. In fact, we now call web searching googling.

When you look at these top brands, they have been able to tell their story over and over again by utilising big budgets and they will keep doing it for many more years to come.

Blogging allows you to build your brand by telling your story over and over again through the medium of a blog. Not only is this much, much cheaper, you also get to get to reach a wider market over a period of months or even years.

When you capitalise on the communities that search engines and social media platforms have created, the sky really is the limit as far as your potential market is concerned. How now do you use blogs to build your brand?

The best way I know how is to target low competition long-tail keywords. When you use this approach, you can easily rank in the search engines. Do this in the early stages of your blog until your blog begins to gain authority and then you can graduate to more competitive keywords.

When you do this on a consistent basis, you create a flood of content that will promote your brand for many years to come.

Blogging for Products/ Services

One of the best approaches that I’ve discovered when it comes to blogging is to use an education-based marketing approach. Education-based marketing can be thought of as using an educational approach to create brand authority in your niche.

You do this by considering the questions that your target market might have then answering them. You also answer the questions that they didn’t know they had in an effort to sensitise them on your product and service offerings and, in this case, your brand.

Another approach is to do comparative reviews of your products or services against those offered by competing brands offering the pros and cons of both. Take note here that you don’t over-promote your brand but are honest on the advantages and disadvantages. People are very intelligent and when you treat them as such, they will trust your brand because of your honesty.

Blog Marketing Strategy

When you start your blog, try and post as often as possible. If you can blog once a day, that would be really great but if not, try and do it two to three times per week. Search engines will pick up on your consistency and, over time, will begin to reward you for it.

Use a keyword tool like to search for at least 30 low competition keywords and set out to write those 30 articles in a space of 30 to 45 days. After the first 30, you can taper it down to 2 blog posts per week in order to maintain the growth of your blog. If you can maintain the same number of articles as before then that would be really great.

When you do it this way, you are able to create a stronghold on your market niche mainly because not many people are willing to make this effort hence you can pretty much surpass them.

Utilising Brand Blogging Communities

As your blog grows, you can utilise blogging communities. A blogging community is when the brand owners and brand customers make a collective effort of creating content for your brand. This is known as user-generated content and is a strong way of marketing your brand.

When you manage to hit these levels in terms of user interaction, then you have pretty much hit the holy grail of content creation and your brand name can only grow barring some cataclysmic extinction-level event.

Brands like Facebook, Google, YouTube and others thrive on user-generated content and continue to grow because of it. If you have been sitting on the sidelines and not taken advantage of this phenomenon to use brand blogging then I strongly recommend that you start right away.


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