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Clickbank YouTube Method – Earn Money Using ClickBank and YouTube

In this article, I am going to talk about the Clickbank YouTube method of earning money online. If you are reading this article, you most likely came here through one of my Pinterest pins or through a search engine.

Either way, you are looking at ways of earning money online and you’ve stumbled upon the Clickbank YouTube method and would like to know more about it. In this model, Clickbank is the affiliate network that pays you for sending buying customers to them and YouTube is the traffic source where you get the people to buy the Clickbank products.

This method has been around for more than 10 years and I first came across it sometime around 2011. Though it has changed somewhat over the years mainly because of the many algorithm changes that have happened over the years especially on YouTube, the core fundamentals have not changed.

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Clickbank YouTube Method
Clickbank is one of the leading affiliate networks for digital products.

It mainly consisted of product research, search/keyword analysis then content creation where you did a review video or tutorial related to the product. Next up you would build a tonne of backlinks and buy social bookmarks and your video would rank in no time earning you some significant income regularly.

That method doesn’t work quite as well anymore for various reasons but mainly because of Google and YouTube algorithm changes. In this post, I am going to share with you a method that still works at the time of writing this post and is somewhat future proof because you are not trying to game the search engines.

The YouTube Clickbank Method – Step by Step

YouTube Logo
YouTube is the leading video platform on the internet

Step 1 – Product Research

The first step is to pick a product with a gravity of 10-100 that pays $20 or above in commissions. Next step is to go to Google Keyword planner or any other free keyword tool and enter the specific product name. You need to make sure that the product receives more than 100 exact match searches per month.

Step 2 – Search Engine Research

You then need to do a Google search for the specific product name. Ensure that there is at least 1 video on the first page with 20,000 views or less. It will be easier to outrank such a video. It will probably take a number of tries before you get a product that meets this criterion.

Step 3 – Get a Review Copy

The next thing you want to do is email the product creator and ask for a review copy. There’s a 60-40 chance of you getting it. If you do, then great but if you don’t, you can check out other reviews videos or articles for some information on the product.

Alternatively, you could also use the information on their product page so as to get an understanding of what the product is all about. If, however, you are really serious about it, you can even buy a copy with your own funds and review that.

Step 4 – Create Video Content  (Review Video/Education Based Marketing)

Next up, do a review video giving an “inside look” of the product so that potential customers know exactly what they are getting. This is an amazing way of getting sales and one of the reasons that unboxing videos on YouTube do so well.

If you cannot do a review video because you don’t have the product or there isn’t sufficient information on it online, you could do an education-based marketing video. What you do is look at the specific problems that the product solves.

Do keyword research as described above then create different videos which help people overcome those specific problems. These can be simple PowerPoint slide shows with a voice-over.

I use OBS, which is free software for screencasting. There are, of course, a lot of software applications that can help you do this but I go for OBS because it is a professional-grade software that does not put a watermark on your videos.

Save the video in MP4 format. It is believed that when you save it using the product name (productname.mp4), it actually helps with your rankings.

Step 5 – Write a Short Article

I learned this method years ago and used it to get a couple thousand views to a video I used to experiment on this concept.

The simplest approach to this is to simply transcribe your video content then post this to the video description. This has worked well for me by providing some good on-page SEO for my videos. The article can be anywhere between 300 to 500 words.

Just make sure that you include your product name and relevant keywords 2 to 3 times in the article.

Step 6 – Cloak/Shorten Your Link

Next up, buy a URL which you can use to cloak your affiliate links or alternatively, just use a URL shortener like

Once this is all set up and done, the next thing you need to do, if you want fast results, is to promote your videos. I suggest that you use social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and others.

I advise against buying a bunch of backlinks as this will badly impact your search engine rankings. Google and YouTube are cracking down on those practices. It is always best to have a natural growth curve when it comes to video views and sharing to social media platforms as mentioned shouldn’t land you in trouble.

Step 7 – Rinse and Repeat

Follow this process again by making more video and regularly posting to YouTube. Do a video or two every week consistently and soon enough you will begin to see some momentum and an increase in income over time.

Not every video is going to do well but the more content you put out, the more chances you create for yourself to succeed.

I would love to hear our comments or experiences with this kind of approach.

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