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Free Clickbank Traffic – How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Clickbank Offers

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In this article, I am going to talk about free Clickbank traffic. Are you looking to drive traffic for your affiliate links? I will show you some methods you can implement to start seeing some traffic to your links and sales that keep growing over time.

It is quite possible to drive free traffic to your Clickbank links. There are a few traffic sources that, if used regularly on rotation, will give you a steady stream of traffic that will definitely grow over time. These include a mix of text, audio and video content.

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How to Get Free Clickbank Traffic

free clickbank trafficSo, you’ve set up your Clickbank account and want to start promoting some affiliate offers and start making that money. The challenge though is that you don’t have a clue (or maybe a little) of how you are going to drive traffic to your affiliate offer.

Well, you are definitely in luck because I will show you a few methods that you can implement and start seeing some decent results within a relatively short space of time. We will take a deeper look into some of these a little later but first, let’s talk about how to maximise your chances of success with free Clickbank traffic.

Research Your Product Properly

One of the keys to success with Clickbank is choosing the right product. This means that you need to pick a product with a high likelihood of success right from the get-go. Doing this can literally mean life and death to your efforts on Clickbank.

Pick a High Performing Product

First, log into your Clickbank account then go to the marketplace. Go to the product search bar and without entering anything, click on the search icon. Clickbank will return some results. Next, you need to sort these results by gravity.

Gravity shows you the number of affiliates promoting a product and actually making sales. The higher the gravity, the better. It means that it’s a good product and converts well. These are key measures to you affiliate marketing success.

It’s best to go for the second or third best result on this page as it will not be as competitive as the top result. Once you have a product or two, it’s now time to start promoting your affiliate offer. I will show you a few free methods which you can implement to start seeing results.

YouTube & Content Samurai

The first method I am going to talk about involves using a video creation tool called Content Samurai and then posting a video on YouTube then having it rank.

Once you have your product, open up the affiliate promotional tools page and look at the promo tools that the offer gives you. You want to look for where they give you a product review article. If they don’t give you one, you can write your own short review of about 400 words or so.

Next up, register for a content Samurai account. Content Samurai will allow you to create a review video using the text from you review article. It will even give you a voice-over where it will read out the review for you.

You may need to do a bit of editing to get the best result. Once you are done, upload the video to YouTube, add some tags and your affiliate link in the description. Make sure to use a URL shortener for your link.

Create a number of videos this way and post about 2 per week using different review text of course. Do this consistently and you will start to see some results.


clickbank trafficThe next method that we will look at involves using Pinterest. I’ve written about Pinterest a lot on this blog and you can look through some of the other articles on blogging to get a more in-depth explanation on how it all works.

Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic and many affiliate marketers and bloggers use it as their main source of traffic.

The method I will outline here, in summary, involves creating about ten to twenty pins all promoting your affiliate product. These pins are then loaded into an auto-scheduling tool called Tailwind. Tailwind has a function called Tribes.

This tribes platform is a place where people in the same niche create a group (tribe) where they promote each others’ pins to their own networks. It’s an awesome way to get your pins seen by audiences you otherwise couldn’t reach.


The Quora method involves searching the platform for any questions related to your product. For example, if you are promoting a weight loss product, you can search for, how to lose belly fat. Go on these threads on a regular basis to participate.

Make sure you focus mainly on helping people out genuinely then sparingly throwing in your affiliate link in a natural way. Make sure that you don’t come across as a spammer but someone who is genuinely interested in helping.

Another way is to look for all the related questions then answer them in one big article. Use a paragraph or two to answer each question and within no time, you can have an informative article. Now, when you go to the threads, you can simply refer people to that article which is on Quora.

This way, it won’t come across as too spammy and people will be more inclined to trust you. Make sure to link to your affiliate product in your article.


A great way to get free Clickbank traffic is to utilise podcasts. Podcasts are a seriously underutilized way of promoting affiliate products. A great way to do this is to interview experts in the niche you are promoting then to link out to your Clickbank product.

People are really willing to do this and will say yes more than they will say no when the opportunity to share their knowledge arises. This interview method also works well for video. You can try this out for YouTube or Facebook.


Lastly, you can use e-books to promote affiliate products. This method involves writing a short e-book which answers a burning question or a few of them. As a matter of fact, you can use the article you posted on Quora and convert this to a PDF e-book.

Upload the ebook to your Google Drive or DropBox. Offer this free resource out on different platforms including forums and social media.


There are many ways of getting free Clickbank traffic out there. Pick one that appeals to you the most then go with that for a while and gradually branch out to the other methods.

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