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Freedom Influencer Affiliate Marketing – The Nathan Lucas Story

This post for me is more of an appreciation post for one of the key people that motivated me to start this blog and work on it the way I am now. I am going to do a review of Freedom Influencer Affiliate Marketing by Nathan Lucas.

Nathan Lucas is the founder of Freedom Influencer YouTube channel and blog. I got to know him through his YouTube channel where he shares amazing content on a regular basis on how you can make an income online in a sustainable manner.

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Even though he shares a lot of quick how-to videos about online money-making initiatives, he also teaches about how to build a proper online business in a sustainable manner. If you haven’t already noticed, I literally borrowed the name of my blog from his.

Who Is Nathan Lucas?

Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer
Nathan Lucas – Freedom Influencer

Nathan Lucas is one of the most popular internet marketers today. He has a military background as an Air Force serviceman and started his online business by creating YouTube content every day when he came back from work.

He has managed to build a very successful online business in the process and amassed a net worth in the millions. More on that later. He describes himself as a Christian and as someone who had a passion to join the military because their core values resonate well with his own.

He is married and at the time of writing this article, does not yet have children but he and his wife plan on having them.

Nathan Lucas Net Worth

His net worth as of 2019 is estimated to be at around $22 million dollars. Not too shabby say I. He owns a beautiful home in a plush neighbourhood and owns a Lexus LS250 luxury sedan and a Ford F150 premium truck.

Freedom Influencer Review

I wanted to give a bit of a background of the man so we lay a foundation of who the man behind the business is since this article is a review of Freedom Influencer and his Affiliate Marketing course.

As for his YouTube channel, it currently has 374 000 subscribers and steadily growing. He has managed to stack up 14 million views on his blog as well.

I first came across his YouTube channel at the tail end of 2018 and since that time I pay it a visit every now and then. He offers quality, useful content for free through his YouTube channel and blog. He makes his money through promoting affiliate offers and one of the programs that he vouches or is the Legendary Marketer Digital Marketing course.

It also seems to be his number one income earner based on the video testimonials he has shown and some of the YouTube ads that he has run showing his income from a program he promotes.

As a resource of cutting-edge information that can get you earning your first dollar online and then growing that income, Freedom Influencer has a few equals, if any, on the internet. The good thing about it all is that the value being provided is completely free and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

If you are willing to put in the work, you definitely stand to benefit from the information on Freedom Influencer. Though I am a self-confessed fanboy of Freedom Influencer, I don’t want to come across as overly praising this resource. I am going to list a minor con that I picked up from watching some of his content.

The Cons

I sometimes feel as if some of the content he puts out can mislead people into believing that it’s pretty easy to earn money with the methods he teaches on. This doesn’t mean that the methods don’t work, all I am saying is that, for the large part, you need to really be focused and work hard to see results.

I’ve been around these Internet Marketing streets for a while now and have suffered from what is referred to as shiny object syndrome and more so than most people. I came to realise that there are many avenues that you could follow to make money online but if you keep jumping from one thing to another, you aren’t going to see any results.

It has taken me years to fully comprehend the meaning of that statement yet even now I struggle. That’s really the only disadvantage I could find on Freedom Influencer if you can really call it that.

Is Freedom Influencer Legit?

To answer the big question, Is Freedom Influencer Legit? In my experience, he is one of the most genuine guys out there as far as Internet Marketing goes. He’s not trying to sell you the next “get rich quick” scheme but he is offering you practical business building skills that will take you from where you are now to a life-changing income.


Income Freedom Influencer has helped me start and grow this very blog that you are on not through selling me a low or high-value ticket product but by providing value and motivation all from his free content.

The fact that I decided to name and try to model my blog and soon to start a YouTube channel around his lessons is testament to the act that I personally believe in his teachings. I think more than the actual lessons themselves; I have been inspired by his work ethic and consistency.

For months, I watched a man working a full-time job at in the Air Force build his business when he got home each evening up to the place where he is now doing Internet Marketing full time. To me, that’s more inspiring than the flashy cars and big houses. If he can do it, I sure as well can do it too.

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