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How to Actually Make Money Online

How to Actually Make Money Online – 9 Ways to Make Money Online

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There is a lot of information floating around the internet about making money online but doesn’t show you how to actually make money online. To be fair, there are also a lot of genuine ways of earning money online but the majority of information floating around is just downright junk.

This article shows you ways of making money online that work if you work them. I will show you the many options available to you and you choose the one that works best for you and your current level of expertise.

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Because there are so many ways that you can earn money with, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and jump from one method to the other without really giving it a chance to grow. I suffered from this for many years until I finally had to sit down and look at my results and realised that I was all over the place.

As a starting point, I want to share some information to help you set the right foundation before we set out to build an online business so we earn. And therein is rule number one. If you want to see any real and lasting results online, treat it like a business.

I am not saying you need to run a business that employs people but I am saying that your mindset has to be that of a business person. Treat it with the utmost seriousness and go about to building it.

The next attitude you need to have is “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”. The truth of the matter when you look at it is that no one is coming to save you as far as getting your money in order is concerned. That is your sole responsibility.

All the high achievers in life have this attitude. They don’t blame people or circumstances but take full responsibility for all the actions they take and how they respond to situations. Knowing this fact, I will give you a few pointers on how you can maximise your productivity on a day to day basis.

Get a dedicated time slot to work in and stick to that. If you are employed, wake up an hour earlier to work on your business and take another hour at night before bed if you can. Have a dedicated time slot where you focus on building your business.

Next up, remove all distractions. During your productive time, tell your family you are not available for the next hour. Switch off your mobile phone and switch off any other distractions that are around you. Make sure that you are in the moment and not split between different things mentally.

If you able to be in the moment mentally, you can get a whole lot done in a short space of time. Lastly, focus on just one thing. Be willing to give it at least 90 days of focused effort before seeing results. You may not need 90 days to actually start making money but that mindset puts you in the right frame to be able to get the results you really desire and will keep you focused on that one goal.

Focus is the key really. Once you can focus on one business model, you will get results and oftentimes faster than you originally thought.

Now that we’ve taken care of the foundational issues, let’s look at how to actually make money online.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is a time-tested method of making money online and has gone strong for more than 2 decades now. Serious bloggers earn anywhere from $1000 to as much as $100 000 per month and in some cases much more. I am referring to individual bloggers or at least teams of not more than 2 people when I talk about those income figures.

Companies build around blogs like the Huffington post actually make millions of dollars per month. As for you, $1 000 to $10 000 per month is not beyond reach and you can do it with a focused approach to blogging.

The 2 keys to blogging are relevant content and targeted traffic which can be monetised. If you can write content that people are already searching for online, it will be easier to get traffic to your blog. The best way to do this is to do keyword research and look for low competition long-tail keywords that you can rank for on Google relatively easily.

Create quality content that serves the needs of the people searching for this content. You will start seeing traffic trickling in within a few months and sometimes weeks if you do your research properly.

Make sure that the content you write is quality and actually satisfies a need in the marketplace and over time that trickle will turn into a flood the more content you create. I have given myself a full year to start seeing the income levels I want to see and a further year until I start seeing full-time income because I want my traffic to predominantly be organic.

If you want quicker results, however, you can take advantage of YouTube and Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Pinterest and Tailwind Tribes can quickly get you traffic which you can monetize quickly. I have read case studies where blogs have reached $10 000 per month within less than a year mainly due to Pinterest traffic.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be done in a host of different ways including monetising blogs or niche websites. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the ways I monetize this blog. There are ways of earning money through affiliate marketing which don’t take as much time as blogging do. You can literally start seeing results within a few minutes to hours.

The first way to do this is by using Bing Ads. Bing Ads is a pay per click service just like Google but they are less strict and much cheaper than their more established competitor. This makes them a haven for affiliate marketers who are quietly making fortunes.

Even though the Bing user base is smaller than Google’s they are still big enough to be immensely profitable.

The best way to drive traffic to your affiliate offers on Bing is in 2 ways. You can direct them to a sales funnel or a mini affiliate site. Driving traffic to a funnel means that you are building a mailing list which you can sell to over and over again once you have gained their trust.

  1. Online Forex Trading

This one is one that needs you to learn first before engaging in it. I personally lost $500 before I decided that this wasn’t for me. I have a brother and friends who are making money through this platform.

Forex trading is a multi-billion dollar per day industry and in the country where I am from there are people who are earning $200 000 per month doing this. If you can get the proper training or mentorship, you can make a lot of money doing this.

The markets can go from being very profitable to you losing a lot of money in a very short space of time and it needs a lot of emotional maturity to be able to handle the spikes and dips. You can make a lot of money and lose a lot of money as well so you need to count the costs before venturing into this field.

It’s not for everyone and it definitely wasn’t for me. If, however, this is something that you would want to get into and have the stomach for it, you can check out Just Forex.

  1. Create an Online Course

If you have a well-developed skill, you could consider developing an online course and profit from it. There are a number of places where you can upload your course and benefit from the platform’s marketing system to sell your course.

Some platforms also allow you to drive traffic directly to your course. There are many places that you can market your course either for a fee or on a shared revenue basis. Here is a list of sites that you can look at.








Academy of Mine


  1. Teach Online

This one is linked with the above method with the difference that this one is an actual job where you get to teach online and get paid as you do so as opposed to creating a course. This method has the added benefit of generally paying more in the short term.

This is money that you can live on and know that it’s coming in on a regular basis. An online course is a good passive income method but it doesn’t have any guarantees. The course might not sell or take a long time to take off.

If you are interested in teaching online you can check out:


Skill Share

  1. Freelancing

Becoming a freelancer is a great way to earn a living online. Freelance jobs cover a wide spectrum and you can do them from any part of the world. It’s a bit competitive on freelancing sites especially if you are starting out.

Once you get your first gig and you do a good job for them and they give you a high rating, it becomes progressively easier to get other jobs especially if you focus on giving the best service possible.

You can freelance as a graphics designer, coder, web developer, copywriter, blog writer and a host of other jobs. It’s a great way to earn a full or part-time income. There are a number of ways to get freelance jobs.

You can get jobs off Facebook groups or forums where there is a community with a specific need that you can fill. You can also use sites like Fiverr, Upwork or People Per Hour. All these are places where freelancers can meet employers.

  1. Teach Languages Online

Teaching languages online is another great way for you to earn money online. There is a large market of people out there who want to learn languages and you can fill that gap. English for foreign language speakers is a huge market especially if you speak 2 or more languages.

There are a few sites out there who offer a platform where tutors can get students. The beauty of all this is that you get to work from the comfort of your own home.

I’ve already mentioned 2 sites where you can teach online. Other sites include:

VIP Kids


  1. Kindle Publishing

If you are looking for a passive income method that can have you earning money month after month for work you do only once then this is definitely worth look into it. For you to succeed with Kindle Publishing you need to know how to properly research profitable topics.

You can choose to write the books yourself or hire a writer. A properly researched and well-written book can make $500 per month on average. The more books you put out the more passive you can earn.

Once a book is written, it can make you money for years to come without doing anything else. Can you see the power of Kindle publishing? It’s one of the avenues that I am pursuing in my online income initiatives.

  1. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a business model that has been growing in leaps and bounds. It does require a significant investment upfront but the profit potential is great. It involves researching products with a potential to sell well on Amazon then importing and branding your own items, shipping your inventory to Amazon.

You then post the product on Amazon and when someone buys, Amazon handles the fulfilment. The FBA stands for fulfilment by Amazon because they handle the order fulfilment. People are earning 5 and 6 figures per month doing this.


This is how to actually make money online. There obviously many more ways to make money online but this is a short list to get you started. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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