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Is Affilorama Free

Is Affilorama Free – Your In-Depth Guide to Affilorama Affiliate Training

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I talk about Affilorama a lot on this blog but is Affilorama free? If it is free, is it worth investing my time into learning on this platform and what exactly do I get out of it at the end of the day? In this article, I will answer all that and more.

Affilorama is an online training platform that teaches you how to build an affiliate marketing business. It is a newbie-friendly site where you can join for free and be taken, step by step, through over 120 free videos which teach you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Once you are done with those, they will offer you more advanced packages where you can get tools to help you grow faster and ultimately, their $997 high ticket offer that guarantees you success according to them.

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Affiliate marketing has been a great business model that has helped countless online marketers make a living and even significant fortunes all online. There are a lot of resources out there that you can use to learn affiliate marketing all for free.

If you watch enough YouTube videos and read enough blocks, you will eventually be able to figure things out enough to start. The challenge with this approach though, is that this can take a really long time and it’s not that easy to get the right sequence of steps to take in order to succeed.

This is where Affilorama comes in handy. They give you a load of resources which guide you, step by step, from beginner to advanced level. If you are starting out in affiliate marketing and would want to learn more about it then this is definitely the path to take.

What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is a learning platform that teaches affiliate marketing to complete beginners and teaches them the fundamentals of affiliate marketing taking them from complete beginners all the way to advanced levels.

It offers you more than 120 videos that teach different aspects of affiliate marketing so that you get a comprehensive understanding of what exactly you are getting in to. Once you have cut your teeth, they then present you with paid offers that have affiliate tools as well website and hosting.

Affilorama also has a helpful support crew as well as a forum where you can link up with other community members to ask questions or share ideas. Over 300,000 people have used Affilorama from its inception up to date.

Is Affilorama Free?

Affilorama is based on the freemium model. This is basically where you get some value first before they ask you for your money. The information on the free level is enough to help you get started even if you were to not upgrade to their two other tiers.

The 120 video tutorials plus eBooks will show you all you need to know about affiliate marketing teaching you about niche sites, SEO and paid advertising. Why then, do you need the premium plans, you may ask?

The premium plans give you the tools you need in order to succeed. Affiliate marketing, when you are doing it at an advanced level, involves a lot of research and analysis. These tools give you the ability to, track your links and conversions plus to monitor your competition among other things.

Affilorama Packages

Now, let’s look into exactly what you get at each level of Affilorama.

Free Package

The Affilorama free package offers the following:

  • Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide: In this guide, you learn what affiliate marketing is whether it is still a viable model and how to make big money with it. You are also shown the pitfalls you need to avoid in order to get started with it.
  • Downloadable Road to Success: This PDF guide shows you the road map you need to follow right from the first step to the last of setting up an affiliate marketing business. In this way, you won’t go off track in your affiliate marketing journey.
  • 120 Video Lessons: These videos are easy to follow and give you a step by step way of building your affiliate business. Think of them like building blocks.

As you can see, you get a lot of value right at out the gate and if you are new to affiliate marketing and want to understand what it all means then this is the ideal way for you to start.

Once you are done with these lessons you basically have all that you need to start out on your affiliate marketing journey but you will need some help if you want to really take this to the next level and start seeing some results.


Affilorama has three paid products that help you take your affiliate game to the next level. The first of these is the AffiloBlueprint. This is a guide that walks you through the steps of setting up a long-lasting and successful affiliate website that actually makes you money.

Under this package, you get the Pathway to Passive, a $37 e-book that will show you all the steps you need o know so that you build your affiliate business the right way. For only $37 it is genuinely a steal.

If you are an intermediate affiliate marketer, you might want to start at this stage instead of the first, free level where you learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Pathway to Passive gives you a bird’s eye view roadmap for success.

It’s necessary to have an overview of the affiliate marketing landscape or the lay of the land as some would call it. You learn the strategies that actually work as far as affiliate marketing. At only $37 it’s a great investment to make as you will make many times over what you pay for it.

To get a better understanding of what you gain from it, you learn how to find a profitable affiliate niche and associated products. You then learn how to attract the right people and then how to convert them to buyers.

Because back links are a key part of SEO, you also learn how to create content that attracts back links meaning that your content continues to rise in the search engines and you do it organically which is how Google likes it.


Next up we have AffiloTools. AffiloTools is a software tool that integrates data from different platforms like Google analytics, search engines and social media platforms to show you the overall performance of your site.

It shows you exactly which keywords or content is most important to your business thereby helping you to make the best decisions that help move your business forward. You can also see how your website is ranking in different search engines.

You get to know whether you are climbing up the rankings or whether your competitors are gaining on you. You can even monitor your competitors’ activities so that you respond accordingly to any potential threats to your position.

You also have a tool that will help you find quality sites that you can use to build quality backlinks to your site. AffiloTools is free to start with most features available to you. If you want more advanced features such as website monitoring, however, you will need to upgrade to the paid plans.

There are 3 different plans under AffiloTools being:

Bronze for $17 per month

Silver for $47 per month

Gold for $97 per month

Once you try out the free version and see the benefits, you will want to upgrade to the paid version.


The last and high ticket offer that Affilorama offers is a done for you package where you get a website and hosting plus a fully made affiliate website complete with an email sales sequence with over 90 done for you emails.

Basically, the AffilloJetpack is touted as the foolproof, done for you package that just about guarantees your affiliate marketing success.

The AffiloJetPack retails for $997 and you get 5 websites for this offer.

The Cons of Affilorama

Even though it is an amazing program to get in to, some of the information, especially on SEO is outdated and does not apply anymore. SEO is continually changing and you need to keep up. Fortunately, there is free information that you can get on blogs and YouTube to help you stay up to date with current trends.

This does not take away from the overall value that this free course offers as you get tremendous value for no cost to you except your time. To sign up for Affilorama completely free, click on the link below:

Sign up for Affilorama Free Training Here>>


So, is Affilorama free? It’s free to start and it offers a lot of value that you will not find with a lot of other free training programs out there. By the time that you eventually do sign up for any of their paid offers, you will have a comprehensive understanding of what exactly you are getting into and how it will benefit you.

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