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Welcome to my resources page. On this page, I list all the resources that have helped me along my internet marketing journey and will save you a lot of time and money on your own journey if you are starting out.

They are not listed in any particular order so feel free to explore.


1. Web Hosting

If you are serious about building a business for the long term then a website is a must. You need a place where you can build a brand that people can relate to. I have used many web hosts over the years but few match the user friendliness and backup service that Bluehost offers. You only pay $3.95 per month and when you order hosting for 12 months or more, you also get a free domain.

Get your Bluehost hosting here.

2. Affiliate Marketing Training

Are you looking for a comprehensive, in depth training that will get you started the right way without the many pitfalls that we had to face? You can’t go any better than Affilorama. They have a free to sign up course that will hold you by the hand and take you, step by step, from nothing to making a full time income through affiliate commissions.

Sign up for Affilorama here

3. Make Your First $10,000 Online

I know that these figured can sound really far fetched when you read them depending on where you are in life but there are people who are making a killing online. Six Figure Mentors is a program that was specifically designed to help people make six figures through online marketing.

Sign up for the FREE Six Figure Mentors Program which walks you through how you can start on your way to $10,000 per month.


4. Get a FREE MasterCard and American Bank Account

Get a free physical Mastercard that is shipped anywhere in the world plus a free American bank account to go with it. Sound too good to be true? Well it is true. Not only do you get a free card and account, you also get $25 every time someone applies for the card through the link you give them.

Sign up for the FREE Payoneer Card here.

5. Make Money Through Forex Trading

Forex trading is a multi trillion dollar per day industry and you can get a piece of this pie with the right training and guidance. You can get this when you sign up with Just Forex here.