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Self Development Strategies – The Wheel of Life Explained

The wheel of life is one of the best self development strategies that I have ever come across. It was taught to me by my mentor and in this post, I will share with you the very same lessons that have helped me transform my life in significant ways.

Self development strategies are tools that help you move from where you currently are to where you would want to be in life. They help you take an honest assessment of yourself and allow you to discover which areas of your life you need to work on. In this article, I will talk about the wheel of life.

It was during one of my sessions with my mentor that I learned about this significant, life-changing tool. It was about 2 and a half years ago and we were driving down the longest road in our city. As a matter of fact, this road goes all the way around our city.

My mentor was a very busy man and just about every one of his hours was taken up by activities that moved him towards his goals in life. It was through him that I learned that I needed to be able to account for every hour of my life and ask myself whether what I was doing was moving me towards my goals.

Because he was such a busy man, our mentorship sessions usually involved me driving along with him as he went about his daily business. This day was similar to the others. He had given me a task to work on my goals during our previous meeting and I was giving him feedback on this.

As I did so, he pulled over to the side of the road, took my notebook, which I would take notes of our sessions in, from my hands and proceeded to draw the following diagram.

He told me that this was the Wheel of Life and that each segment represented a part of my life. In order for me to live a healthy, fulfilling life, all the areas needed to be balanced.

When I first met him, my life was in a state of ruin. I had lost all confidence in myself and really didn’t know which direction to take in my life. I had gone through a series of life events that virtually left me in the gutter.

Through his mentorship, I had gradually begun to claw my way back to life and had regained a bit of my swagger. At this point, I was getting a little excited about my future.

I wasn’t where I wanted to be but I was certainly not where I was a couple of weeks prior.

“The different portions of the wheel represent a segment of your life. Now from one to ten, I want you to rate yourself in all of these areas and mark that point along the spokes of each segment”. I proceeded to do as instructed and when I was finished, he gave me the next instruction.

“Now, join each of those points”. I did as instructed and when I was finished, my diagram looked something like this:

He then proceeded to ask me this question; “If that was a wheel on your car, would it go anywhere?” “No” I answered. It would struggle to move an inch. “That’s the state of your life right now and why you have not been able to move forward.”

It all suddenly became very clear. I was in the state that I was in because there were a lot of imbalances in my life. Even if I tried to “push” my proverbial vehicle, there was really no way of moving it forward. All I could wish for at best was for it to move an inch only to get stuck again.

I then from that moment, began to look at and live my life very differently. In the rest of this article, I am going to dig a little deeper into what the wheel of life is and how it can help you just like it did for me.

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The Wheel of Life Explained


Each of us has 8 different areas of our life which must be kept in balance in order for us to live fulfilling lives. I’m sure we’ve all heard of or experienced this story; Successful career or business person makes it to the top of their field but at the expense of their family, health, relationships e.t.c.

This is because we have a tendency to focus on certain areas of our lives at the expense of others. The purpose of the wheel of life is to keep you focused on what’s really important in life and to keep a healthy balance.

The following are the 8 areas covered by the wheel of life:

Family and Friends

It’s important to understand that these different areas tie into each other and this is where the wheel of life trumps other self development strategies which focus on one or two areas of your life. Your relationships with your friends and family, for example, will impact other areas of your life.

Are your relationships good? Are those around you supportive of your goals and vision? What kind of relationship do you have with those closest to you? Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 with one being bad and ten being excellent.

Relationship/ Dating

If you are dating someone or are married, the quality of your relationship at any given time will affect your productivity in your business or career. They all tie into each other. It’s important that you make sure that this relationship is in the best possible state.

Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten in this area as well.

Fun & Recreation

Are you taking the time to unwind at regular intervals? It’s important to take the time to rest and recharge your batteries. It will actually increase your productivity in the long term.


Your health is vital if you want to not only succeed in life but be able to enjoy the success.  A lot of us make bad eating and lifestyle choices that end up compromising this very important asset. Make exercise and good eating habits a priority so you can be able to enjoy life well into your old age.

Finance & Money

Money allows us to have a wider array of options in life. What is the ideal income for you so that you live the life that you want to live? Set a target that allows you to engage in the activities and lifestyle that you desire and figure out ways to attain it.

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Personal Development

Most people stop learning once they leave school. This is the fastest path to failure in life especially in the age we live in now. Things are continuously changing and if you don’t take the time to develop yourself, you will quickly get left behind in the dust.

This is especially true if you are in the technology and marketing fields. New and more effective methods and systems are continuously being developed.

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Your Physical Environment

How is your home set up? Is it a place that you are proud of and makes you feel good? Is it conducive to productivity? Is the neighbourhood that you live in satisfactory? Rate yourself one to ten in this area and make the necessary adjustments if you are not satisfied with it.

Career or Business

Lastly, are you satisfied with your business or career? Where would you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten? Figure out what that is and work at getting yourself up to a ten.


As he concluded his lesson on the wheel of life as we were parked by the side of the road, my mentor asked me to identify which area I had ranked highest and then proceed to push all other areas on the wheel of life to that level so that my wheel was balanced.

One disclaimer I want to put here is that when you make your goals, let them really be your goals. What do I mean by this? The majority of the things we strive for in life are not really what we want but what we have been told to want by society, our families and the media.

Make sure that all the goals are truly yours and no one else’s. As always, I would really appreciate your thoughts and comments below.

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